Saturday, July 23, 2016

Final day at Rosebud

Friday we had a chance to play all day with the campers in Valentine, NB.  Going to the park and pool we splashed and jumped in the refreshing water on another 100 degree day.  Its sad to say good bye to those precious boys and girls.

NOTE: we arrived safely back in Sioux Center this afternoon at 3:30pm.  God is faithful as He guides and protects not only us but those campers we left behind.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Today was another great day for us in Rosebud. It was a hot day (at least 106 at one point of the day) but we were very fortunate to be able to be in buildings with air conditioning. Today we looked at the parable of the Good Samaritan. Erika, Karsyn, and Kaida did a great job teaching the kids how to love all of our neighbors. The kids had a great time making mummies out of each other for an activity. Later in the evening (after the temps went back to 90's) we had the opportunity to hang out with residents in Rosebud (in a neighborhood called"low rent") and play with the kids on the playground equipment the Sunday school classes helped raise money for. The kids also had a chance to play basketball with some of the kids. It was a great night and no one noticed the heat! We appreciate you prayers and we ask you to continue to for us as we wrap up our week.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tuesday at Rosebud

I was hoping to have some pictures up yesterday, but I guess that didn't work out.  I'll try again soon.  Tuesday was another good day! Campers are already comfortable with us.  On Tuesday, Josh and Lauren and Curt taught the parable of talents.  Encouraging everyone that not only does everyone have a gift, but that life works best when we share our gifts.  In the evening we attended a worship service at the Carpenters Shop in Mission.  Team moral is high and God is blessing us. Thank you for your continued prayers.  Temperatures continue to rise....soon it will reach triple digits here.  But fear not...we are inside all day with air conditioning.  (Until the basketball event tonight:)

Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday at Rosebud

First day in the books.  We managed to find our new ministry location in Mission.  We loved up on 19 "ish" 5th and 6th grade campers.  (We are not at Lakeview this year).  Making crafts, playing volleyball, then teaching the parable of the sower.  All in all a good day.

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Rosebud PLYC 2016

The group arrived safely at Rosebud around 4:30.  After settling into our cabins we ventured to Lakeview CRC where Pastor Mark spoke to us about serving humbly.  We covet your prayers for flexibly and understanding as plans and locations are different from previous years. Chaos begins tomorrow!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Friday the Final full day

Friday was our final full day in New York.  Most teams had a chance to serve meal or help other collect groceries throughout Brooklyn and Queens in the morning.  It was in the evening that memories were made.  All teams had a chance to led a chapel for multiple types of audiences.  

Team 1 went down to Brooklyn working with an energetic group of  elementary students.  Pastor Chad spoke about the courage to be Shadrack, Mechack, and Abedengo.  

Team 2 went to Teen Challenge in Manhattan, a ministry for those in dependence recovery, where Trey, Jasmine, Jordin A, and Blake gave testimonies while Marissa gave a sermonette on the Prodical son.

Team 3 led a prayer service at local church in Bronx.  Tristan and Ashtyn gave testimonies, Pastor Bob gave a sermonette, and rest of the team performed a skit on the Prodical Son. 

This night was probably the most stretching and challenging for the teams, but in many ways it was the most rewarding as God used the stories for the encouragement of others and His glory.  

Note:  Saturday we left for home at 8:30am and arrived at our hotel in Elyria, Oh around 5:30pm.  We hope to be on the road by 6am again on Sunday morning.  Pastor Chad will led a church service on the bus.  This will be our last blog post of the trip.  We hope to shares our stories at church in the near future.  Thank you for your prayers.  

Note note:  If you recorded the "People's List" on ABC with the hopes to see our group.  I advice you to fastforward to the #1 person.  It the last section before the end we make an appearance.  (honestly the rest of the show isn't worth watching)

Friday, July 1, 2016

Thursday at NYSUM

Day 7 of humble serving is New York is done and the whole team continues to expand their compassion for those living in the city.   On thursday Team 1 witnessed on the Staten Island Ferry.  In then in the evening we travelled up to Brooklyn to serve supper at the Bowery Men's shelter in Harlem.
team 2 -St. John's Bread of Life in Brooklyn which is a food pantry/soup kitchen. We helped do dishes and assemble grocery bags as well as did some cleaning.  In the evening we went to Bowery Mission in Manhattan which was another soup kitchen.  We prepared food and served around 250 people meals.
Team 3 - had a prayer walk on the Brooklyn Bridge. We prayed over the city and over the people of the city with whatever God laid on our hearts. It was a time to reflect and pray as well as look at the beauty and wonder of the city. In the evening we serviced at a children's ministry in Brooklyn at a shelter for families.  We put on a little program for the kids that live in that shelter.  We played games and did face painting. The kids loved it and we loved seeing their smiles.

God has been gracious to us; yet we covet your prayer to finish our tasks strong.

                                                       Walking and praying on the Brooklyn Bridge.

                                                  Tanner playing duck, duck, goose!

                                             The girls wanted to paint the faces of the high school kids!

                                             We did a David and Goliath skit with Dustin as Goliath
                                                        and one of our new friends as David.